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Ducted Units

Ducted Unit HVAC solutions have a ducted assembly and a central AC system. It circulates the air through the ducts across the place.

How does it work?

In a Ducted Air Conditioning System, metal air ducts are placed inside the walls and ceilings to provide air conditioning to the building. It is an integrated heating and cooling method attached to the HVAC system. The vents help the conditioned air to travel to the ducts and provide air conditioning to the place.

Advantages of using a Ducted Air Conditioning System

The Ducted Air Conditioning System provides many advantages as follows;

  • The perfect solution for large buildings with central cooling needs.
  • They do not only spread the conditioned air to the isolated units but also spread it throughout the building.
  • Ducted systems perform better for buildings with multiple rooms and hallways.

Professional Ducted Air Conditioning System Repair in NYC for Commercial and Residential Spaces

If your place has a Ducted Air Conditioning system installed, and you are facing any issues, PTAC Repair NY is the most reliable agency to contact. We service, repair, install and repair all kinds of Ducted Air Conditioning units across NYC, providing the best solutions to buildings for efficient functioning.

Our staff includes trained technicians, servicemen and managers who are always there to solve the issues with your Ducted Air Conditioning units. You can contact us at any time during the day for all kinds of HVAC issues. So, if there is any problem that you are facing with your HVAC system, schedule a visit by simply calling us.

Why go with PTAC Repair NY for Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Repair in NYC

It has been many years that PTAC Repair NY has been providing service for Ducted Air Conditioning units in NYC. We know the requirements of your HVAC system and provide all the services accordingly. Ours is one of the leading HVAC servicing companies that offer the following services at competitive pricing in NYC:

  • Complex repair jobs done by experts.
  • Adherence to State issued SOPs for HVAC repair.
  • On-demand services for Ducted Air Conditioning Unit Repair.
  • Cost-effective Repair Services For HVAC Solutions.
  • Wide range of brands covered in all HVAC categories.

Reach out to us now to get Reliable Ducted Air Conditioning unit Repair in NYC, and have your HVAC issues resolved to satisfaction.

Get in Touch With PTAC Repair NY

Contact us at (212)-918-9223 or write to [email protected] for quick and reliable service booking and visit scheduling.