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Professional Split System Cleaning

Is your Split System AC cleaned and serviced for the upcoming season? Transfer the entire process of cleaning, repairing and maintaining your Split System AC to PTAC Repair NY, with just a single call.

Split Systems can accumulate bacteria and dust inside them which causes suffocation and foul indoor air quality affecting the health of your family and guests. Therefore, thorough and professional Split System cleaning is necessary for maintaining a breathable environment at your house or office.

We provide a full bouquet of services for Split AC systems. This includes deep cleaning and Split AC Installation in NYC, that covers all your seasonal AC repair jobs in one go.

Why Choose PTAC Repair NY for Professional Split System Cleaning in NYC?

You want your Split System cleaning to be executed timely and with minimum obstruction to your daily tasks, and this is what PTAC Repair NY is known for. We have been serving an extended clientele in New York City for over a decade now, offering unmatched service quality.

Our service offerings for Professional Split system cleaning includes;

  • Comprehensive pre-cleaning inspection and checks.
  • HVAC internal filter replacement and repair.
  • Inspection of the condensate drain for clog prevention.
  • Lubrication of the moving parts in the cooling setup to increase energy efficiency.
  • Applying a non-corrosive coating to wires and terminals for making them last long, under changing weather conditions.
  • Full inside-out cleaning of the essentials components that face the most wear-and-tear.

The above service offerings ensure that your Split System AC is always circulating fresh, bacteria-free air and continues to serve you for a long time. We focus on improving energy efficiency as well as the cleanliness of the internal parts, which ultimately makes your office and home environment come to life.

Areas we provide Professional Split System Cleaning in;

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • New Jersey
  • Bronx

Get in touch with PTAC Repair NY

Contact us at (212)-918-9223 or write to [email protected] to get quick services at a reasonable price for your needs. It will be a pleasure to serve you.