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Air Conditioner Power Wash and Steam Cleaning

Your PTAC system is responsible for circulating fresh air inside your building, and if it’s unclean from the inside, it can reduce the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at your establishment.

PTAC Repair NY offers premier power wash and steam cleaning services in NYC. We clean your PTAC system, getting rid of dirt, dust and harmful bacterial accumulation that hampers breathing indoors.

Our deep cleaning service renders your PTAC system clean as new, making it energy-efficient, and saving up to 40% in operating costs.

We also clean it fully to improve its shelf life and keep any avoidable breakdowns at bay.

After our service, we help you with the regular upkeep of the system with our best practices list for PTAC systems.

Why Choose PTAC Repair NY for your next AC service?

PTAC Repair NY has been in the HVAC industry since more than a decade now and has been helping PTAC clients get the best out of their AC units. Our cost-effective services have proven to be beneficial for the diverse clientele that we serve in NYC, with premium quality guarantee.

We ensure that our services are well-received by our clients by maintaining service standards and deliverables as mentioned below

  • Thorough steam cleaning of PTAC Systems.
  • Personal/commercial PTAC Coil Cleaning.
  • Hygienic Chemical-free and Eco-friendly Services.
  • Evident Results through Proper Cleaning.
  • Reduced probability of corrosion.

We serve all the leading gymnasiums, corporate offices, boutiques, houses, and hotels across NYC.

Our cleaning and power wash services are available on a single call. Simply book a slot and schedule a visit wherein our service experts will smoothly carry out the PTAC cleaning with minimum downtime and hassles.

Areas we provide quick Power Wash & Steam Cleaning in;

  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • New Jersey
  • Bronx

Get in touch with PTAC Repair NY

Contact us at (212)-918-9223 or write to [email protected] to get quick services at a reasonable price for your needs. It will be a pleasure to serve you.