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Quick, Reliable, On-Demand PTAC Repair Throughout the New York City

We are New York’s leading PTAC repair providers, helping every restaurant, office and home breathe fresh! With almost 10+ years of experience serving the residents of New York City, we have a team of skilled professionals who offer a quick solution to all of your PTAC repair issues.

Working with all top PTAC brands in NYC, our services are provided at competitive prices. May it be your business establishment, apartment or house, we offer dedicated PTAC repair. We serve all kinds of PTAC and HVAC equipment such as Window ACs, commercial PTAC, Split System ACs and so on.

Ensure comfortable indoors for your family and guests with our premier PTAC repair services. Don’t let a defunct PTAC system present issues at your workplace, or business. Get it repaired quickly and durably from our trained servicemen who have served New York’s top offices.

Our service is available through multiple slots in the day, book a visit with our PTAC experts now!


AC Repair & Professional Installation

Our professional air conditioner installation team will come to your home and assess the environment ideal for installing the Air Conditioner.

Power Wash & Steam Cleaning

The benefit of having a professional do the air conditioner cleaning, is that you will truly feel the results and the difference in your air conditioning unit.

Sleeve Installation Thru-The-Wall

Related knowledge in carpentry will make the work simpler, particularly since your machine establishment will oblige you to make a gap through a divider.

Dispose of Old Units

America tosses out exactly six million window ventilation systems consistently, as per the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bracket Support Installation

At PTAC Repair NY, we are furnished with all the correct instruments, materials, and have broad involvement in a wide range of AC Support Bracket establishments.

Professional Split System Cleaning

PTAC Repair NY offer far reaching aerating and cooling systems. We have expertise in cleaning and sterilizing split frameworks, window units, roof- units and even ducted.

Replacement of Heating Coil of PTAC

When the outside temperature is below 30 degrees fahrenheit, you get a cold draft.

HVAC Services

HVAC services, also known as Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning services are also provided by PTAC HiTech.

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